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Corded Midge Larva

Winter midge fishing is at its peak here in the West, and I’m always amazed at how big trout will take the tiniest bugs this time of year.

In that spirit, Tim Flagler offers up his Corded Midge Larva, a diminutive midge tied on a tiny size 24 hook (which generally disqualifies me as someone who might try and tackle this fly at the vise–I’ll be the guy sifting through the specks at the fly shop with tweezers, thank you very much).

It’s a great little fly for subsurface nymphing, and it absolutely matches the midge larva hatches that are happening on freestone rivers (and some tailwaters) all across the country these chilly winter days.

If you can focus in on a size 24 hook, God bless you. This fly is for you.

Would you mind tying an extra dozen for me?