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    Sight for sore eyes

    Three tips to help you manage fishing tiny flies better.

    Three tips for better fishing with small flies Winter fishing means midge fishing. Well, in many places throughout the country midges actually comprise about 50 percent of an average trout’s diet any time of year, so it’s good to know how to fish them, dry or wet. Either way and any season, however, midges are…

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    Use an indicator fly to help you see your midge

    The Griffith's Gnat. LakeLand Fishing photo. I popped into TroutHunter up in Island Park last weekend — the sun was shining and I just couldn’t stand the sight of the four walls of the home office anymore. I grabbed a half-dozen midge cluster patterns, some size 20 BWOs and wandered down to the lower Henry’s…

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    Use UV resin to keep small flies from unraveling

    Eventually, I got to where I could place just the right amount ahead of the hackle and behind the hook eye before I whip-finished the fly

    I’ve always been something of a ham-handed fly tier, and, generally speaking, the bigger the fly, the easier it is for me to tie. I’m a big guy at six-foot-five, and my hands correspond to my height. They just aren’t meant for detail work. But I live in eastern Idaho, and during fall and winter,…

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    Corded Midge Larva

    Winter midge fishing is at its peak here in the West, and I'm always amazed at how big trout will take the tiniest bugs this time of year. In that spirit, Tim Flagler offers up his Corded Midge Larva, a diminutive midge tied on a tiny size 24 hook (which generally disqualifies me as someone…