Fly fishing on both coasts for striped bass wouldn’t be the same without Bob Popovic’s Surf Candy. It’s one of the best patterns anglers can use for stripers that are crushing bait in the salt, and even for fish that are migrating upriver en route to spawning water.

Tim Flagler ties the Surf Candy

Above, Tim Flagler ties up a new, slightly more modern version of the classic baitfish pattern—he uses more up-to-date materials, including a foil overlay that really dresses up the pattern.

But, it’s not just for stripers, honestly. I had great luck years ago chasing surf perch on the north coast of California, and I’ve used the Surf Candy pattern with great success on eveything from smallmouth bass in central Minnesota to redfish along the Texas coast.

It’s a great all-around searching pattern for any predator that chases other fish. And, if you’re OK using synthetic materials and UV resins, it’s not too tough to tie.