Fly tying

Tie One On: Rickety Cricket

Here’s a fly to tie before you hit the new Gold Medal stretch of the Colorado TU is helping create. 

This week in Colorado, TU celebrated the groundbreaking of a project that will reconnect a section of the upper Colorado River and, in a few short years, open up a new section of Gold Medal trout water. 

Naturally, that got me thinking about what kind of fly I would throw next time I’m in the neighborhood. 

Enter the Rickety Cricket. 

I think to some extent cricket patterns are kind of the ‘forgotten’ terrestrial that we don’t fish enough, and I’ve had some good success with it in a lot of high-elevation streams and lakes.  

The ostrich, peacock and wire ‘brush’ for the body give this an extremely buggy look, and I believe in red legs as a trigger point.  

And like all the bugs I like to tie, it’s pretty easy to build.