Soft-hackle patterns have earned a spot in my fly box. Over the last half-decade or so, they have gone from seldom-use curiosities from some hidden corner of a rarely opened fly box to my first choice on many waters here in the West.

The sparser the better when it comes to soft hackles.

Why? Because they work. And they often work when streamers, nymphs, traditional dries or even emergers won’t work.

But tying them used to be one of life’s great mysteries for me. Not so much anymore, thanks to videos like the one above from Tim Flagler. They’re much easier to craft at the vise—in fact, I’d say they’re quicker to tie than your average Adams or Elk-hair Caddis, and, as is the case with those patterns, I won’t leave home without soft hackles in my box, either.

Check out the great method for tying in soft hackles above, and get ready. It’ll open up a whole new world for you at the vise.