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New gear: Tom Morgan Rodsmiths gift creel

In the fly-fishing world, some “gear” items aren’t terribly functional. But Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fly rods are that and more—they’re made for you by craftspeople who have discussed the implement with you, and know exactly what you’re looking for. Working with graphite, glass and bamboo, these artists craft exceptional fly rods of the highest quality, and by the time they deliver the product, they have invested more in it than you have when you count sweat equity and passion into the equation.
To encourage anglers to give Tom Morgan Rodsmith’s a shot, the small company is now offering a gift creel with every custom rod order, just in time for the Holidays. This may not be the most functional piece of gear, particularly these days, but it’s nevertheless a work of art, and a little incentive to consider having your next fly rod made only for you.
— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.