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How to practice a straight cast

One of the biggest challenges for new anglers is casting accuracy. With all the perceived nuances to casting among new fly fishers, it can sometimes seem daunting to place a fly generally where they want it.

Truth be told — and those who have fly fished for a time can attest — those nuances aren’t nearly as daunting as they look once a new angler has played with a fly rod for a bit. But accuracy is something that can come and go, not unlike a consistent golf stroke, a bat swing or a tennis serve. As with everything else, it pays to practice.

Above, Simon Gawesworth of RIO Products shows us a great way to practice our basic casting, either using the traditional casting method or the roll cast. Simply sink a length of floating tape to the bottom of a river, and let the current stretch the tape out below you. Now, start casting along that line.

Not only will the tape help you identify wayward casts, but it will help point out common casting mistakes, as you’ll see Simon demonstrate above. It’s a simple way to hone your casting accuracy and make sure you show up to the river with your “A” game more often than not.