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Rosenbauer's top 10 fall trout flies

I’m not ready to give up on summer just yet—hoppers are flitting about and occasionally slapping the water here on our western trout streams.

But the media world generally moves about a month ahead of schedule. So I wasn’t surprised when I saw that Orvis had uploaded a video featuring Tom Rosenbauer and this favorite fall trout flies.

It’s an excellent video, and Rosenbauer has forgotten more about trout fishing that most us will ever know.

In the half-hour video, Tom talks about big, fat streamers meant to go after brown trout as they get aggressive and prepare to spawn, to the tiny Griffith’s Gnat, which is a great midge imitation to use on blustery fall days.

And he covers the various nymphs that he loves to fish in the fall, noting that nymph fishing in autumn is likely the best it gets all year.

He certainly covers all the bases in the video. The flies he recommends could fill any fall fly box, and most trout anglers all over the country would be well-equipped if they took Tom’s advice.