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Tips for fishing dry flies

Man crouches in stream holding a fish's head underwater
Catching fish on dry flies can be a thrilling experience.
Tom Rosenbauer walks us through the excitement and differing scenarios of fishing with dry flies in this video.

Dry fly season is in full swing across much of the country, so check out some of these tips from Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer. He’s one of the fishiest people we know, so take his word to heart before your next trip to a river to throw dry flies for rising trout. 

Here are some of the topics he’ll cover: 

  • Best times for dry flies 
  • Learn by watching rises 
  • How to pick the right fly 
  • Presenting a dry fly 
  • What to do when you see a rising fish 
  • Avoiding drag 
    • Special casts 
  • What to do if the fish refuses your fly 
  • Fishing a dry dropper 
  • False casting 
  • Prospecting with a dry fly in various water types 

Enjoy and let us know if any of his tips worked for you!  

A small fish with a fly in its lip
No matter the size, dry fly fishing is a blast.