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    The True Cast: The Truth About “Euro Nymphing”

    If you want to fall for Euro nymphing, knock yourself out. But let’s be honest about a few things.

    I remember messing around at the “Toilet Bowl” run under the spillway on Colorado’s Frying Pan River with the late, great guide Kea Hause. The Toilet Bowl literally held tons of big trout, but the water was so turbid and roily (hence the name), you couldn’t fish it like you might the “Texas Bend” or…

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    The True Cast: Wanna fly fish? DON’T tie yourself up in knots.

    Before getting into specifics, it’s worth pointing out one fundamental truth: a well-tied knot is far more effective than any fancy knot recipe.

    A number of years back, Scientific Anglers completed a study of “people who expressed interest in fly fishing but didn’t quite engage,” asking them what the main obstacles were that prevented them from getting over the proverbial hump. It boiled down to two things. First was casting – some thought making fancy loops was a…

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    Three of my favorite . . . fly-casting tips

    These are the best I’ve ever learned.

    These are the best I’ve ever learned I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have spent some time watching and learning firsthand from the masters of casting a fly rod, from Lefty Kreh, Frank Moore, Flip Pallot and Mel Krieger, to John Juracek, Simon Gawesworth, and Tom Rosenbauer—people who literally “wrote the books” on…

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    Five degrees of stupid

    How not to catch trout while fly fishing.

    How not to catch trout while fly fishing The other day, I started a three-month sabbatical, which is a super-cool benefit of being a Trout Unlimited employee for 10 or more years, but what it really means is I’m planning on fishing my butt off for several weeks (and maybe writing another book in the…

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    The ultimate list for permit seekers

    Are you a procrastinator? I'll admit when it comes to permits, I tend to wait until the week before the deadline to start filling out my permit applications for the summer season. Thankfully, our friends over at Down River Equipment have you covered. They've compiled a comprehensive list of western rivers with links to not…

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    Simple tips for fishing from a boat

    Maybe you booked a trip last year and it was postponed. Maybe you or one of your friends was fortunate enough to purchase a new boat this past year. Either way you’re going to need to learn how to properly fish from a boat at some point. Full disclosure, I’ve made all of these mistakes…