Trout Talk Boats

'A fair curve from a noble plan'

Need advice… “gonna build me a boat.” My whole life has been shaped by water. If I’m not on water… on a lake, or an ocean, or especially a river… riding the currents and such, I get downright cranky. I’m still like a baby that needs rocking.

I also consider Guy Clark to be among the greatest songwriters to have ever lived. And my favorite Guy Clark song is “Boats to Build.”

Boats to Build.

While I own a dory and a raft, I am nowhere near the boat mania demonstrated by my buddy Tim Romano, who by some miracle has convinced his lovely wife Ellie to let him have seven boats. 

Inspired by Tim, who built some of those boats by his own hands, and inspired by Guy Clark, I’ve decided to “build me a boat…”

With these two hands.  A fair curve from a noble plan. 

The question is… what kind of boat should I build?