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No fish dry in July

Take photos of everything … but the fish

Our friends at Keep Fish Wet and Ten And Two Co. have announced “No Fish Dry July,” a campaign that encourages anglers to ask themselves, “Do I really need a photo of that fish?” and challenges them not to take a single fish photo for the month of July.  

TROUT Magazine online and Trout Unlimited are committed to that effort, and won’t be showing any fish out of water for the month.

We’ve also encouraged anglers to use stream thermometers, and not fish at all if water temps get too warm

We’ve noted that best catch-and-release practices are more important than ever (which includes not driving up fish counts too much).  

Now we’re joining Keep Fish Wet to urge you to take photos of all the wonderful things around you on the river or lake… except the fish themselves. 

Keep Fish Wet is encouraging anglers to take other artful shots showing what else you love about fishing. Follow along on social media as well as at to learn about how fish respond when the water gets warm, how you can tell if fish are stressed, and to see some beautiful fishless photography.

Tag your non-fish pics on Instagram with #NoFishDryJuly and follow to be entered to win some amazing prizes from their sponsors — Ten And Two Co., Patagonia Fly Fish, Bajio Sunglasses and Fulling Mill.