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The Brood X hatch? Big deal ... or a nothing burger?

I don’t live in an area that saw the once-in-seventeen-year “Brood X’ cicada hatch.  And I’m not sure if I’m happy about that, or jealous of those of you who did get the cicadas.

I saw them on television, landing on the President’s neck, even grounding the White House press plane for a while. My friends who don’t fish report that they’re loud, gross and annoying.

I’ve gotten mixed reports from my fishing friends. I’ve heard everything from, “The most epic dry fly hatch I’ve ever experienced!” to “Total nothing burger… they’re flying around but the fish don’t pay attention to them.”

So what’s the real story?  What’s your report? Enlighten me. Do I need to book plans for visiting the Mid-Atlantic region in 2038?

By Kirk Deeter.