Driftless Area

  • Restoration

    Driftless program adds first Iowa staffer

    Cameron Aker joins team as Iowa engagement coordinator As the Iowa Driftless Engagement Coordinator for Trout Unlimited, Cameron Aker helps connect growers, landowners, anglers, volunteer groups, and government agencies to help restore the cold-water habitats of Iowa.   Cameron has spent the past 17 years of his career in the Ag Industry, where he worked with…

  • Fishing

    Tips for fishing the Driftless in late winter

    Winter and early spring fishing can be remarkably good in the Driftless Area. However, flexibility is the name of the game in low temperatures.    Generally, I favor the classic slow and deep approach. If I see no visible rises, I start out indicator fishing with a scud or a caddis on point and a Brassie…

  • Fishing

    Are my secret streams really my secret to keep?

    Anglers have a complicated relationship with secrecy.

    Anglers have a complicated relationship with secrecy. We hope a secret fly or lure, or bait will give us an edge. We get a tingly feeling when a friend entrusts us with knowledge of a secret spot.  But secrets also bring their own stresses and disappointments. There is nothing quite like the endorphin rush you…

  • Apply now for Stihl equipment grant

    There's “Stihl” time for Driftless Area chapters to apply for a grant to purchase equipment from the forest and landscape equipment company. Stihl continues to be a great partner for TU’s work in the Driftless area, strengthening a collaboration that started several years ago.  Under the partnership agreement, Stihl representatives from the Midwest region gather…

  • Peter Jonas joins Driftless staff as partnership specialist

    As partnership specialist for Trout Unlimited’s Driftless Area Restoration Effort (TU-DARE), Peter Jonas helps anglers, farmers, resource professionals, environmentalists, educators, students, and government officials work together to heal watersheds.    Peter developed experience and expertise in recruiting partners, community building, public speaking and grant writing in his prior work as an ordained minister and as a…

  • From the President

    This force for native trout and salmon conservation is in Texas. (Yes, Texas.)

    The Guadalupe River chapter of TU looks well beyond their state and their (engineered) river to drive important conservation changes for native trout around the nation.

    Native fish come first at Trout Unlimited. Wild trout come second, when they do not compromise native fish. Hatchery fish do not belong if they interfere with wild and native fish.  TU was founded on the banks of the Au Sable River of Michigan by a group of anglers who were frustrated that the state…