Elk-hair Caddis

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    Spring Fly Showdown: All hail the Elk-hair Caddis

    The king of all flies? Voters choose the Elk-hair Caddis

    The votes are in, and I must admit, I'm a bit surprised. In a fantasy "tournament" of fishing flies, the Elk-hair Caddis reins supreme. In the recently completed TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Showdown, the venerable bug outlasted the stately Adams in the final matchup. And, honestly, I voted for the Adams. Not that I don't…

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    Spring Fly Showdown: The finals

    The Elk-hair Caddis and the Adams face off for dry-fly bragging rights

    Two classic dry flies square off for all the marbles Twenty flies, two weeks and some intriguing matchups all come to a head today as the Elk-hair Caddis and the Adams face off in the championship match of the TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Showdown. And it's a big day for interested anglers, fly tiers and…

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    Spring Fly Showdown: The final four

    The Prince Nymph squares off with the Elk-hair Caddis, and the Adams goes up against the Woolly Bugger

    The first-ever TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Showdown comes down to four much-loved fly patterns that likely have homes in fly boxes all over the world. Two classic dry-fly patterns, an old-school, yet still-beloved nymph and likely the best streamer pattern ever tied. Game 1: Elk-hair caddis vs. Prince Nymph https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O24oZLeiEYo Tying the Elk-hair Caddis. Like…

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    Spring Fly Showdown: Royal Wulff vs. Elk-hair Caddis

    The Royal Wulff squares off against the Elk-hair caddis.

    The final eight in the TU-Loon Spring Fly Showdown is upon us, and the first matchup is an intriguing contest between one of the great attractor dry flies ever tied and perhaps the most widely used imitation of a mature aquatic insect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWB3BIiKOD4 Tying the Royal Wulff. There are a lot of great fly patterns…