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    Frank Moore: North Umpqua Icon

    Remembering Frank Moore and a life spent not just chasing steelhead but fighting to protect the water they call home.

    Frank Moore: North Umpqua Icon By Mark Taylor Reprinted from TROUT Magazine Summer 2019 issue  Editor’s note: On Sunday, Jan. 23, the world of fly-fishing and conservation lost a hero when Frank Moore passed away at the age of 98. Moore made his home along Oregon’s North Umpqua with his surviving wife, Jeanne, for nearly 70 years, a good chunk…

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    Frank Moore, angling and conservation legend, passes away

    A life spent not just chasing steelhead but fighting to protect the water they called home.

    Longtime proprietor of the Steamboat Inn was instrumental in protecting the iconic North Umpqua River The world of fly-fishing and conservation has lost a giant.  Frank Moore, a legendary angler and advocate for Oregon’s North Umpqua River, died Sunday.  He was 98.  A decorated World War II veteran who fought on the beach at Normandy on D-Day, Moore settled in the small…

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    Welcome to winter steelhead fishing

    Dean hollered from upstream as a steelhead took his fly, then hollered again a moment later as the fish released it. At another spot Dean had a nice fish on for perhaps a minute, his rod bowed and bobbing. But that steelhead, too, practiced detachment. Welcome to winter steelhead fishing.

    Molly the water dog and Jenny Weis on Oregon's Umpqua River, before everything blew out. By the third day, it seemed a foregone conclusion that at least one of our three-person party would feel the chilly fingers of a stream no longer kept at bay by their waders. The ubiquitous blackberry vines armoring the banks…