• Trout Talk

    The Woolly Bugger … more than just a streamer

    A Woolly Bugger in the vise.

    The good, old Woolly Bugger is likely the first fly those new to fly tying craft at the vise, and I don’t know any anglers who don’t have ‘Buggers in their fly boxes. In fact, I know anglers who have entire boxes dedicated solely to the tried-and-true streamer. But the Woolly Bugger is so much…

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    Tying the Sweet Pea

    This time of year, I really love to fish double-nymph rigs, using a heavier bug as the lead fly and trailing behind it a smaller fly, but maybe something a little more impressionistic than what I might expect to see in the river. For instance, with lower flows here on the South Fork of the…

  • Trout Tips

    Add movement to mimic subsurface insects

    Learn about the bugs we mimic when we fish, and work to match not only how they look, but how they move

    By Jim Strogen We all know the value of matching the hatch, but often that thinking seems more focused on dry fly fishing. I prefer to fish under the surface. I know that the “bugs” are in front of the fish in their aquatic stages much longer, sometimes a year or more, than during their…