oil and gas drilling

  • Advocacy Featured

    Responsible oil and gas development can happen

    Colorado TU and national TU worked in harmony to pass groundbreaking changes to Colorado’s oil and gas drilling regulations.   Starting in 2014, Trout Unlimited initiated conversations with the oil and gas industry and conservation partners to establish more robust protections for Colorado’s most important fisheries. The idea was simple: prohibit stream-side oil and gas development and require spill protection…

  • Conservation Featured

    Forest Service oil and gas rulemaking is a public land fire sale

    Oil and gas leases on public lands continue to be offered for fire-sale prices, oftentimes in conflict with fish, wildlife and public land users. In fact, millions of acres of public land offered for oil and gas leases are being let go for as little as $1.50 per acre. This speculative leasing is creating mounds of unnecessary analysis and paperwork, diverting public land managers from other priorities…