riparian restoration

  • Science

    In New Mexico, beavers and people aren’t so different

    By Abelino Fernandez Leger In fall of 2020, I worked with Trout Unlimited and Defenders of Wildlife and River Source — a small company specializing in watershed restoration, education and research in New Mexico — on a beaver habitat assessment survey in northern New Mexico. The project goal was to find rivers where beavers could be relocatedand where beavers could do the work…

  • From the field

    Grand Valley State students shoot ‘Tree Army’ film

    Last fall, Grand Valley State University students from the ‘Producing for Clients’ class worked with Trout Unlimited staff in Michigan to produce a video covering the exciting new initiative called the Rogue River Tree Army. Students filmed footage and interviews over multiple field days as the Tree Army, made up of staff and volunteers, planted thousands of…

  • Community

    Trout Unlimited expands Tree Army to more Michigan watersheds

    Trout Unlimited’s Rogue River Tree Army planted 17,067 trees along rivers and streams throughout the Rogue River watershed over the last two years. Its "soldiers" are just getting started. The Tree Army, which is funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative through the U.S. Forest Service, is made up of TU staff, seasonal work crews and volunteers. This year, the Rogue River Tree Army…

  • Conservation

    TU replanting Michigan forests hit by ash borer

    By Jamie Vaughan While emerald ash borer is old news in Lower Michigan, the impacts are still playing out today.   In Sparta, ash trees once dominated the floodplain forests along Nash creek. Now, few live trees remain among thousands of dead trees in various states of decay.   With limited markets for firewood, poor accessibility due to saturated soils, and risks…