TROUT Magazine Fall 2021

  • Conservation

    From the magazine: Finding Trueblood

    In 1918, Cecil, barely 5 years old, went to his parents in their Idaho home and said he didn’t like his name and that he wanted to be called Ted like his Teddy Bear.  So started the iconic name of one of the most legendary outdoor writers this country has known. Ted Trueblood.  There is…

  • Snake River dams

    Naxiyam Wana and the Uniter

    A stream roiling dark with Chinook salmon in central Idaho’s wilderness high country. A throb, a pulse of life into a pristine river, the abundance of the ocean arriving in the flesh of thousands of salmon in a wild mountain river hundreds of miles inland. This was. This was life itself, for the land, for…

  • Snake River dams

    Mike Simpson – Conserving the future

    Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson champions removing four dams on the Lower Snake River to save salmon, not because he fishes for them, but because he says it’s the right thing to do.  Since Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson’s dad died about 20 years ago, he’s been meeting his mom and two uncles occasionally at restaurants around…

  • Snake River dams

    Snake TROUT – Behind the cover

    Professional photographer, Ben Herndon, sits down to talk about the latest cover of TROUT Magazine. Listen as he discusses his approach to photography and what compels him to speak up and use his photography to talk about the removal of the lower Snake River dams. https://youtu.be/YF5ffufHsjk

  • From the President Snake River dams

    We must save Snake River salmon and steelhead

    Half-measures will ensure the extinction of salmon and steelhead in the Snake River basin, and nothing more.

    I have spoken at four or five conferences with Shannon Wheeler, the Vice Chairman of the Nez Perce Tribe. And every time I do, I come away a little wiser, and a little more passionate, about the need to recover Snake River salmon and steelhead. And a little more hopeful that we can. When I…