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    Generous bequest boosts TU’s Land Conservancy Fund

    Trout Unlimited’s work inspires in many ways.

    Trout Unlimited’s work inspires in many ways.  For longtime member and volunteer leader Schuyler Sweet, being involved in a river protection project made such an impact he was moved to extreme generosity. His decision offers Trout Unlimited chapters an important source of funding to support acquisition and protection of land critical to trout and salmon conservation.…

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    The water we don’t fish

    I still slow down as the car crosses over a river or a stream, and instead of planning and executing an afternoon of fishing, I've found myself photographing covered bridges and watching wild brown trout fin in the current under the shadows of these New England staples

    I'm in northern Vermont at Jay Peak Resort, a sweet little year-round resort nestled up against the Canadian border. But I'm not fishing. And, honestly, I'm not sure why--I could have easily tucked a little 3-weight rod into my luggage, or even carried a rod onto the plane. Instead, on little day-trip drives around the…