water scarcity

  • Boats

    Low water, big problems

    Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. You’d think I was checking the score for game seven of the World Series, but I wasn’t. Obsessively, I hit refresh on my trusty Riverbrain app no less than 50 times the day before our trip hoping to see the spike go up on our beloved Colorado River. But the flows didn’t…

  • Conservation

    Meet Lydia: TU’s newest Farm Bill expert

    One of TU’s newest and brightest minds joined the Western Water and Habitat Program as its regional Farm Bill associate. Meet Lydia Bleifuss.   After growing up in Wisconsin, Lydia spent her undergrad years in Oregon researching transboundary water management and hydropower policy while interning with numerous water-based organizations focused on western rivers. This allowed her to understand water scarcity in the west and…