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    First look at Denali

    I'd come all the way to Alaska and saw more grayling than I'd ever seen in one place. And I didn't catch a single one from this river. And I didn't mind a bit

    Denali shrouded in storm clouds

    With a view like this, a fishless day isn't too bad after all Just a glance over the side of the canoe revealed the life swimming in this crystal-clear spring creek situated just off the Alaska Highway about a 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks. Big Arctic grayling—and some of the biggest whitefish I'd ever seen—cruised…

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    The lowly whitefish

    The mountain whitefish native to the northwest U.S. There’s trout water, and then there’s trout water that also holds mountain whitefish. The latter is likely healthier.  Whitefish (Prosopium williamsoni) are often greeted by anglers with the same enthusiasm they might afford a creek chub or a sucker. The slightly downturned snout may not be as…