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Happy birthday to you, little alevins!

Happy Birthday to out little sac-fry who have hatched today and are doing great. Check them out in the video below and help us give them some names. We need approximately 300 names, which is not an easy task, so we can use all the help we can get. Kids can get help from and adult to suggest a name or two in the comments below.

After the trout eggs hatch they are called alevin or sac-fry. These newly hatched fry use their yolk sac as a food source and hang out at the bottom of the nest or redd. They look different from their parents since they lack scales and fins.

Science Journal Question for our TIC Students:

What is an alevin or sac-fry? How do they use the yolk sac and grow without eating any food? If you have a science journal, draw and label the parts of an alevin and think of two questions you have about these newborn hatchlings.

Also, send us your trout birthday wishes or letters, postcards and art to our Trailside location in NYC’s East-of-Hudson watershed:

Trout c/o Trailside Museum, 6 Reservation Rd, Cross River N.Y., 10518