Some fly-fishing scenes are universally appealing. Trout moving on a dry fly. The rise. Even the refusal.

Cheers to the folks at Carpe Diem, the Swedish YouTubers who occasionally present some really great fly-fishing videography like the short film below.

Chasing trout isn’t always about catching trout—most of us get that. But it generally is about watching trout, comparing notes with your fishing buddies and enjoying some streamside refreshments (although the predominant catch-and-release ethic here in the States might make streamside char sashimi a bit taboo), all in the pursuit of fish.

Often, especially this time of year, when a lot of us are just trying to get time on the water during the fleeting months of summer, we forget that fishing is more or less a game of spectating. We spend a lot more time watching and evaluating than we do with a fly on the water.

Or at least we should.

By Chris Hunt.