Paraphrasing Todd Moen’s introduction to his film, “Wade Andros” — and George Peppard in the old “A-Team” series, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Below, in his film, Moen captures the essence of wading the Bahamian flats, this time using his wife Kelley as his subject and guide Kadegia Long as Kelley’s mentor. As Moen notes in the into, everything fell perfectly into place.

It’s true. This is a flats film that has everything. Skinny-water bonefish, perfect weather, solid fishing action and the scenery that makes chasing bones in clear water one of fly fishing’s best and most challenging endeavors.

And it’s a classic. As Todd notes, this was filmed way back in 2011. But it’s resurfaced on Moen’s YouTube page, and that’s a good thing for anyone Jonesing for a dose of the Bahamas. I know I am. Thanks, Todd.