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    Two short films very much worth watching

    Snowy winter days don’t necessarily blot fly fishing from my mind—in fact the opposite often holds true. Winter is film season, and here are two gems with great purpose and conscience, supported in large part by my friends at Costa. Mighty Waters features legendary Bahamian guide Ansil Saunders, who guided Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.…

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    A time for carp

    I just got back from a week in the Bahamas, where I put in long days on the flats stalking wily bonefish. It was good practice, because now, as runoff starts to cloud my local trout rivers, it's a time for carp. Wait. Bonefish? As a practice run for carp? Oh, hell yeah. Particularly if…

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    Getting out there again in face of the pandemic

    An angler walking across a Bahamian flat.

    Social distancing, Bahamas style. Chris Hunt photo. When the pandemic hit home last spring — when the reality of lockdowns, quarantines and an alarming rise in infections turned our world upside down — I knew the first thing I would miss would be going places. I love to travel. I don't so much love climbing…

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    Wade Andros

    Paraphrasing Todd Moen's introduction to his film, "Wade Andros" -- and George Peppard in the old "A-Team" series, "I love it when a plan comes together." Below, in his film, Moen captures the essence of wading the Bahamian flats, this time using his wife Kelley as his subject and guide Kadegia Long as Kelley's mentor.…