Trout Talk

Two short films very much worth watching

Ansil Saunders guided Martin Luther King Jr. not long before King was assassinated. Saunders, 88, is featured in a new short film from Costa.

Snowy winter days don’t necessarily blot fly fishing from my mind—in fact the opposite often holds true. Winter is film season, and here are two gems with great purpose and conscience, supported in large part by my friends at Costa.

Mighty Waters features legendary Bahamian guide Ansil Saunders, who guided Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. days before King was assassinated in 1968. This film, directed by Shannon Vandivier — and supported by Costa, Simms, The American Museum of Fly Fishing, and Cold Collaborative — reflects on how king inspired Saunders, now 88, in his own efforts to prompt change and desegregation in the Bahamas.

Also check out this short film, Indifly: Wind River Reservation, capturing Indifly’s first US-based project which aims to protect one of the last pristine places in the lower 48, while providing much needed jobs for residents of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Since its inception, Costa has been a part of Indifly and its mission to help indigenous communities develop sustainable local economies and conserve natural resources. I am proud to have been (and will remain) a supporter of Indifly on a personal level, and I encourage you to check that nonprofit organization out.