Watershed Multi-species Assessment

More than trout and salmon: Aquatic conservation for all species

Photo: Dan Dauwalter

Trout Unlimited works with our conservation partners to identify areas where protection and restoration can benefit not only trout and salmon, but also other fish, aquatic species and human communities. TU scientists were instrumental in developing the Native Fish Conservation Area concept, where watershed management is focused on the long-term persistence of native fish communities while allowing for compatible uses.

Native Fish Conservation Areas: Concept

Native Fish Conservation Areas are watersheds where management primarily emphasizes conservation and restoration of native fish and other aquatic species, and their habitats, while also managing compatible recreational and commercial uses. This introductory paper describing the concept of Native Fish Conservation Areas and why this broad-scale approach to conservation is an effective and sorely needed management tool in this day and age.

Native Fish Conservation Areas: Application

This report – NFCAs of the Southwest USA: facilitating landscape-scale conservation of aquatic habitats and freshwater fishes – highlights how the Native Fish Conservation Area concept is being used to deliver conservation in the southwest.

Upper Snake Basin Multi-species Aquatic Assessment

TU and the Federation of Fly Fishers identified potential Native Fish Conservation Areas in the Upper Snake River Basin of Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

California Freshwater Conservation Blueprint

TU worked with partners in California to identify key watersheds for emphasizing aquatic conservation based on the location of native fish, amphibians, reptiles, and sensitive invertebrates.

Escalante River Aquatic Assessment

This document describes TU’s compilation of multi-species distribution information and habitat quality maps and outlines a roadmap of conservation strategies and restoration actions for the Escalante River in Utah.

California BLM Aquatic Assessments and Tools

TU modified its Conservation Success Index and Meadow Restoration Fish Assessment Tool to assist the Bureau of Land Management in California to identify key native aquatic species conservation strategies and evaluate proposed actions.