Sara Porterfield

  • Restoration From the field

    Hope in dry times

    How we’re making key Western streams more hospitable for trout and people in the hotter, drier present As the West grapples with extreme and unprecedented drought, Trout Unlimited’s restoration pros and partners are pushing forward with on-the-ground work to make waters and fisheries more resilient to changing conditions. In Idaho, we are decommissioning a hydropower…

  • Advocacy Conservation Government Affairs

    Infrastructure package could help the drought-stricken Colorado River Basin

    A massive package of legislation, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is currently working its way through Congress, having been passed by the Senate earlier this week. If enacted, this bill would make essential investments of remarkable size and scope to help the nation address the impacts of climate change, including some of the worst impacts of the…

  • Conservation

    Climate resilience in a hotter, drier West

    The West is in the grips of another hot, dry summer, with more than 60 large wildfires currently burning across the region. At the same time, the effects of last year’s fires are apparent in many states; Interstate 70, a major artery for east-west transportation, has been shut down through Colorado’s Glenwood Canyon multiple times in the past two months due to mudslides resulting from last year’s Grizzly Creek fire. The epicenter of the ongoing drought is the Colorado River…