Voices from the river

Fishing and aging

Aging. We all do it — every minute and second of every day. Why is wisdom gained only with age? Hitting a rather large, round number earlier this year, I’ve been reflecting on life — how to spend more time living my life, how to spend more time with the people I love, and how to make the most of those minutes and seconds, every day. 

Of course, one answer is fishing. We all know the euphoric feeling fly fishing brings us. Whether fishing alone, with a loved one or teaching a friend the ways of the water, I relish in the fact that I’m doing exactly what I should be in that moment.   

Because it was my dad who introduced me to fly fishing, I’ve spent time lately concocting plans to fish with him more every year. With busy lives, we need to make fishing outings a priority, especially with those we love. Recently, we trekked into the high country of the San Juan mountains to chase native Rio Grande cutthroat. That bright orange slash, rearwardly concentrated spots; these fish were a sight. The joy on his face was worth the drive and hike, and I can hardly wait to do it again.  

But an afternoon on the water, as joyful as it was, isn’t going to cut it. How can I ensure more quality time with my fly fishing mentor? Join his yearly guys trip to the Green? No, I’ve been there, done that. It was fun, but I’m thinking bigger. Plan a trek deep into the backcountry to camp and fish? Sounds like my idea of fun, but his aging body might not agree. I think the trip of a lifetime is in order. New Zealand, Chile, British Columbia, yes please.

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