Rio Grande cutthroat trout

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    Protected: Popular Southwest trout waters

    TU’s “Outstanding” work in the Land of Enchantment Thousands of miles of trout streams in New Mexico are susceptible to the historic drought plaguing the Southwest—and Trout Unlimited just helped protect 305 of them throughout northern New Mexico from degradation and mining. Last month, New Mexico’s Water Quality Control Commission unanimously approved two water quality…

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    Against all odds, these native trout survive

    In the Rio San Antonio, TU is working to restore a vital and vulnerable watershed. A river in northern New Mexico that harbors three native fish species — Rio Grande chub, Rio Grande sucker, and Rio Grande cutthroat trout — is named for the largest free-standing mountain in the country. The spectacular landscape notwithstanding, it’s…

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    Conservation in Cow Country

    In New Mexico’s Jemez Mountains, TU and ranchers are working together to keep streams healthy and improve range productivity. On our way to inspect his grazing allotment, Manuel Lucero and I pull over next to a tree where some campers have left their trash in a neat and organized pile of boxes and tied up…

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    Four days in heaven

    Explore your surroundings ... and don't forget to pack your fly rod In my little microcosm of the Mountain West, we've been blessed with an impressive monsoon season this year. With all the doom and gloom of the drought, wildfires and effects of climate change, it is nice to be reminded that sometimes weather does…

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    Enduring with ‘grace under pressure’ in Rio Grande cutthroat trout country

    It looked like the brookies were almost certain to extirpate native cutts and that work to improve Jim Creek was a lost cause

    by Kevin Terry Growing up in rural northern New Mexico gave me the opportunity to interact with Rio Grande cutthroat trout in their beautiful and rugged native habitat.   I also loved engaging with so many different people with different cultural backgrounds. I was blessed with great mentors with a diversity of perspectives. Some were teachers, some family and friends, others just people in my community with whom I…

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    Thinking big on the Upper Rio Grande

    Trout Unlimited has worked in the upper Rio Grande drainage for years, investing staff and volunteer time into things like raising water tables, reconnecting rivers with their flood plains and protecting public lands. We've worked with indigenous people and local communities to protect and restore this important watershed. We're now combining and organizing our various…