A Woolly Bugger in the vise.

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    Tying small dry flies using UV resins

    I’ve been using UV resins on my flies for several years now, all with the intent of making flies last longer on the water

    A baetis mayfly.

    I’ve always been something of a ham-handed fly tier, and, generally speaking, the bigger the fly, the easier it is for me to tie. I’m a big guy at six-foot-five, and my hands correspond to my height. They just aren’t meant for detail work. But I live in eastern Idaho, and right about now, my…

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    Tying the Travis Para-Ant for later-summer trout

    The first couple weeks of September are usually pretty great dry-fly weeks as things cool off a bit and trout look up for big bites of protein

    Parts of the West got a taste of things to come this week — Colorado and Wyoming got some snow, and here in Idaho, a brutally cold wind chased summer away for a bit, littered the streets with broken branches and left thousands without power. But summer's not over just yet, and that means terrestrial…

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    Last Chance Purple Haze

    I spent a couple of days last week on the Henry's Fork's upper reaches, trying to fool uber-educated trout in the Box Canyon and Railroad Ranch stretches of the river. This time of year, those tailwater sections of the river are likely the most hospitable to trout — it's been hot (well, hot for Idaho),…

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    One fly to rule them all

    Hatch Outdoors is offering three great prize packs in the #OneFlyFitsAll contest.

    Hatch Outdoors is running a contest through the end of the week (July 31) featuring the venerable Clouser Minnow and photos of all the fish it catches. The idea is simple: go fishing, use a chartreuse-and-white Clouser, post the photos of the fish the fly helps you catch on either Facebook or Instagram (#oneflyfitsall), and…

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    Building a better ‘Bugger

    Tim Flagler ties up his version of a 'better 'bugger' using weighted wire and a tougher construction

    The Woolly Bugger might be the most-tied fly on the planet — for many of us, it was the first fly we ever tied. There's a reason for that, of course. It's among the easiest patterns to master, and, no matter how many times some creative vise-wizard comes up with the next great streamer pattern,…