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    Hopper season

    Fly fishing with grasshopper patterns can bring big trout to the top, even on small, backcountry streams

    grasshopper fly patterns

    Every year about this time, grasshoppers start to show up on the banks of my favorite backcountry trout streams. By mid-July, a few warm days have managed to string themselves together, and, although not terribly big, the hoppers are now officially prolific.  They’ll get bigger and bigger as summer progresses, but right now might be…

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    Finesse Dubbing Part II

    As we noted last week, applying dubbing can be a little tricky. But, as Tim Flagler showed us, there are ways to make it simpler. Below, in his second installment video on the topic, Tim shows us how to take the dubbing noodle we've created and carefully move it closer to the hook shank for…

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    The Chubby Chernobyl

    There are some flies that, upon first blush, make you wonder aloud as you pick through the offerings at the fly shop, "What was the guy who tied this thing smoking?" A couple of decades ago, this was certainly the reaction many traditional fly anglers had when foam became an accepted fly tying material, and…

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    The Green Drake

    Here in the West, the Green Drake is the harbinger of summer. Dependably, our largest mayfly shows up within a few days of the summer solstice, give or take, and, if we happen to get some rain, this hatch can last for weeks. Patterns used for these plus-size mayflies vary, from simply Blue-winged Olive patterns…

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    The Sulphur Klinkhammer

    The legendary sulphur mayfly hatches on East Coast rivers have likely started for some attentive anglers, and the evening duns will continue to emerge for some time, with the famed bugs coming off wistful cream-colored clouds. But as any angler who has fished the sulphur hatch knows, getting the size and silhouette exactly right is…

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    Brown and grizzly hackle mix

    Sometimes, when I'm watching Tim Flagler tie flies, I get the feeling he's speaking directly to me. He knows where more casual tiers — like me — are going to be tempted to cut some corners in the tying process, and he's quick to point out that there's usually no substitute for doing things correctly.…

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    Matt Callies’ Hare’s Ear Nymph

    The good old Hare's Ear ... every fly box has a few (or should, by God). Of late, I'm seeing a lot of folks at the vise adding their own little touches of goodness to this venerable patterns, but Matt Callies, who ties for Loon Outdoors, has produced what has quickly become my favorite. Generally…