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    New gear: Tom Morgan Rodsmiths gift creel

    In the fly-fishing world, some "gear" items aren't terribly functional. But Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fly rods are that and more—they're made for you by craftspeople who have discussed the implement with you, and know exactly what you're looking for. Working with graphite, glass and bamboo, these artists craft exceptional fly rods of the highest quality,…

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    New gear: Simms G4 Pro Shift Pack

    I was pretty sure that nothing could convince me to step away from my newfound "less is more" approach to trout fishing. Years ago, I was a vest guy—load up the pockets of the fishing vest with everything you need and off you go. Then I tried the lanyard approach, which I also loved, but…

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    New gear: Cheeky’s new pliers and backing

    As Cheeky's Ted Upton says, "We like to have a little fun with our designs." That would explain the rainbow of color options for the manufacturer's quality fly reels—the color options give customers the ability to add a little personality to their angling. And now, Cheeky is expanding it's "fun" product line to include new…