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    Tune in: Why now is the time for the Snake

    Listen to the Emerging podcast, then visit to take action and help restore Snake River salmon and steelhead. As anglers, many of us feel an innate duty to protect the places we love to fish. Our rivers, lakes and oceans are home to millions of species, and sometimes they need our help. Pacific Northwest…

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    Tying the Steelhead Coachman

    If you were to look in the box of a seasoned steelheader on the banks of the Snake, Grande Ronde or Clearwater chances are good you'll find.

    I can distinctly remember the first few flies I started fishing with. As I would imagine the case is with many people, that selection of a dozen flies was a 'who's who' of the classics. The Adams, Elk-hair Caddis, Muddler Minnow, Pheasant Tail, and Royal Wulff seem almost like names from scripture in the pantheon…

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    Naxiyam Wana and the Uniter

    A stream roiling dark with Chinook salmon in central Idaho’s wilderness high country. A throb, a pulse of life into a pristine river, the abundance of the ocean arriving in the flesh of thousands of salmon in a wild mountain river hundreds of miles inland. This was. This was life itself, for the land, for…

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    Mike Simpson – Conserving the future

    Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson champions removing four dams on the Lower Snake River to save salmon, not because he fishes for them, but because he says it’s the right thing to do.  Since Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson’s dad died about 20 years ago, he’s been meeting his mom and two uncles occasionally at restaurants around…

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    Snake Week – People on the Street Q+A’s

    Hardly a day goes by that our team doesn’t get asked “Why don’t they build fish ladders?” (they have!) or “Aren’t salmon doing great?” (they are not.) This week, we're answering them on Instagram.

    Wild Snake River salmon and steelhead are headed rapidly for extinction, unless we take drastic action and remove the lower four Snake River dams. This is a priority at Trout Unlimited, and we spend lots of time researching, writing, and talking about this challenge.   But we know many people, including our friends, are still getting up…