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Share your #ResponsibleRecreation posts and win a fly rod

RepYourWater on the Colorado River.

Everything is a little different these days, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and how and where we fish should be different, too.

That said, fishing can be perfectly safe if we take the right precautions, and we’re encouraging all TU members and supporters to get outside and go fishing, but to do so using wisdom and caution. To that end, we’re inviting everyone, whether they are a TU member or not, to share photos and stories with us that show anglers practicing #ResponsibleRecreation and, in the process, have a chance to win some great prizes from TU, including the grand prize of a 9-foot, 5-weight Sage X and a Sage Spectrum fly reel, among other items.

Simply make a post to any social media channel that shows you or your fishing family and friends practicing #ResponsibleRecreation (don’t forget the hashtag — we won’t be able to see your entry otherwise, and the @troutunlimited tag), and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of three prizes.

What does #ResponsibleRecreation look like? It’s simple.

  • Practice appropriate social distancing. The Centers for Disease Control recommend keeping six feet between you and other people. We’ll make it even easier — stay a rod’s length apart.
  • Wear a face covering when you come into contact with other anglers. A Buff or a mask can help keep you safe, and it’s a sign of respect for others who are trying to stay healthy during these trying times.
  • Avoid fishing from boats if you can — it’s tough to maintain social distance in a boat. If you must fish from a boat, remember to cover your nose and mouth with a mask or a gaiter.
  • Fish local. Stay close to home.
  • Drive to the river separately if you’re meeting a fishing buddy. Better yet, consider fishing alone (where that’s safe, of course).
  • If you don’t feel well, or are running a temperature, it’s best to stay home.

As always, the safety of our members and supporters is paramount. If getting outside and fishing doesn’t feel right to you, we get it. But, if you’re dying to get on the water — and it’s safe and legal where you live — we want you to do it right, and practice #ResponsibleRecreation.

That’s why we’re offering some great prizes — for contest rules and full rundown on what’s on the line for those tagging their social media posts with the #ResponsibleRecreation hashtag, check this out.

Please be safe. Be smart. And make the best choices for you and those you love. And good luck!