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What does it take to make a great day on the water? There are probably a million different answers to that question. Do you have to catch a hundred fish? Probably not. One really great fish? Maybe. Do you have to walk away smiling and itching to come back for more? Undoubtedly. A good friend and longtime guide says that it’s all about transportation. Not just getting you from put-in to take-out, but transporting your mind and spirit to someplace they’ve never been before.

Want to have that kind of experience? Check out WorldCast Anglers in Victor, Idaho. WorldCast is a long-time TU supporter and Gold Level Business member. When it comes to transporting you this way, they get it. They know that it’s about the water, the people and the way you bring the two together

It starts with the water. WorldCast has permitted access to some of the finest trout water anywhere in eastern Idaho and western Wyoming. Interested in targeting rainbows on the Railroad Ranch area of the Henry’s Fork or maybe a visit to the famous “South Fork Hilton” in the canyon section of the South Fork of the Snake? How about sliding a raft down 1,000 vertical feet to the dry fly fishing mecca of the Teton Canyon? You bet. Yellowstone National Park? They can do it. Peacock bass in the Amazon, permit in Mexico and the finest trout fishing in Patagonia? Consider it a done deal. Great water means great fishing.

But it isn’t just about great water. It’s also about great people. It starts with the leaders — the management team — and extends through the entire guide staff. These aren’t just people who understand fishing, they understand people who fish. And they know what it takes to make your day on the water absolutely incredible. Fishing is about relationships, and at WorldCast, people make the difference.

Finally, it’s about bringing great people and great water together. It’s about commitment. The team at WorldCast is committed to protecting and conserving the environment, all fish and their supporting watersheds. Want to fish with people who support TU and its mission to protect, reconnect, restore and sustain coldwater fisheries? Fish with WorldCast Anglers.

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Mike Dawkins

Victor, Idaho, 83455

(800) 654-0676