Yellowstone National Park

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    Yellowstone increases fishing, boating fees to help combat invasive species

    Beginning this season, fees for fishing and boating permits in Yellowstone National Park will increase. Anglers can now purchase fishing permits online via Recreation.gov. Permits for the upcoming season can also be acquired in-park stores and surrounding communities beginning this spring. The fee increases are substantial. Fishing permit fees will rise from $18 to $40 for a three-day permit; from…

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    A day on Yellowstone’s storied Firehole River

    The Firehole River above Firehole Falls was once a fishless ribbon of water sourced largely from hot springs, geysers and primordial seeps that pushed to the surface from the bowels of the planet.

    An angler fishes the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.

    Words by Chris Hunt, photos by Sam Davidson and Chris Hunt Two centuries ago, before European-Americans pushed west and started displacing indigenous people and indigenous wildlife, the rivers and streams of the Rockies teamed with trout, char, whitefish and grayling. Sam Davidson drifts a nymph through a fishy run on the upper Firehole River. But…

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    WorldCast Anglers

    Check out WorldCast Anglers in Victor, Idaho. WorldCast is a long-time TU supporter and Gold Level Business Member.

    What does it take to make a great day on the water? There are probably a million different answers to that question. Do you have to catch a hundred fish? Probably not. One really great fish? Maybe. Do you have to walk away smiling and itching to come back for more? Undoubtedly. A good friend and…

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    Fishing in Yellowstone will be a little different this year

    There will be some changes to fishing in Yellowstone this summer, at least at the beginning of the season.

    Fishing the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.

    Opening day for angling in Yellowstone National Park is traditionally the Saturday before Memorial Day (this year, it falls on May 23), and that's not changing in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. But, according to Linda Veress of the park's public affairs office, only rivers and streams in the park's southern half will be…