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Yellowstone National Park closes fishing after 2 p.m.

High-water temperatures and low stream flows prompt fishing closures across the park

Effective Saturday, July 24, Yellowstone National Park’s rivers and streams will close to fishing in the afternoon and evening due to high-water temperatures and unprecedented low stream flows. This closure will protect the park’s native and wild trout fisheries.

What will be closed?

• Fishing on rivers and streams will be prohibited from 2 p.m. to sunrise the following day.
• The closure will remain in effect until further notice.

What will be open?

• Anglers can fish from sunrise to 2 p.m.
• Yellowstone Lake and other lakes will remain open to fishing from sunrise to sunset as specified in the Fishing Regulations booklet.

Water temperatures have exceeded 68 degrees in recent days, and flows on many rivers are approaching historic lows. These conditions are extremely stressful and can be fatal to fish. The extended forecast calls for continued hot and dry conditions with a slight chance of isolated afternoon thunderstorms, which contribute to continued low stream flows and high-water temperatures.

The Park Service is asking anglers to only fish during the coolest times of day and land fish quickly—do not play hooked trout to exhaustion. Gently handle fish in the water as much as possible and let them recover before release. This will protect the park’s fisheries and may preclude the need to prohibit fishing at all times of the day on some rivers and streams if conditions worsen.