Conservation Restoration

PA's Coldwater Habitat Program gets it done in '21

Pennyslvania’s Coldwater Habitat Program had another productive year in 2021, its efforts resulting in an astonishing reduction in sediment and nutrients across the state’s waterways.

The team has highlighted a handful of the projects in a newsletter that will be shared with the more than 14,000 TU members in the Keystone State, along with the many partners who helped make the accomplishments possible.

The news is too good to not share beyond Pennsylvania’s borders, so we’re posting the newsletter featuring some of the more prominent projects here for others to appreciate.

In total, an estimated 360,062 pounds of sediment were reduced through the completion of 23 projects on nearly 13 miles of trout streams by the Coldwater Habitat Program crew.

Projects completed include stream stabilization and fish habitat improvement projects, as well as stream crossing replacements.

An estimated 410 pounds of nitrogen and 189 pounds of phosphorus were also reduced through the projects.

Improvements came in many forms and were due to collaboration with many partners.