• Restoration

    Revitalizing PA Trout Fisheries

    The Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania are home to some of the most scenic wild trout fisheries in the eastern United States. Each spring, anglers descend upon renowned streams to enjoy beautiful surroundings, bountiful mayfly hatches and plentiful trout. Some of these rivers occupy prominent places in the annals of American fly fishing; others are nascent…

  • From the field

    West Branch Susquehanna: A river in recovery

    WEST BRANCH SUSQUEHANNA RIVER, NORTH CAMBRIA, Pa. The angler stood in the shadows, peering intently at the water like a heron waiting for the moment. Then the cast. The line tightened. Allison Lutz smiled, subtly, as she netted the 12-inch-long wild brown trout. The smile was not so much about this individual fish. It was…

  • From the field

    Homegrown wild trout conservation

    It took a trip across the country for a Pennsylvanian to discover anglers quietly making a difference back home.

    I spent my childhood summers in Easton, Pa., around the water. Though I never went fishing, I did tube down the Delaware River, play in and picnic beside Bushkill Creek, chase minnows and crayfish in the various streams around my neighborhood, and watch men and women enjoy fishing on warm summer afternoons. I did not…

  • Restoration Conservation

    Long road trip a journey through TU wins

    “You’re driving?”  The question came with an unmistakable tone of incredulity.  I had just told a friend that I would be driving from my home in Virginia to a conference in northern Vermont. Their surprise was understandable. The shortest route from my home in Roanoke to Jay Peak Resort is 824 miles.   There was a method to…