The wait is over, as trout eggs arrive at virtual TIC tank

Our new trout eggs made it safely to the Trailside Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Help us welcome them to the tank!

Trout eggs need to acclimate to the tank before being poured into their nest basket. Here they will hatch, grow, and develop for the next six weeks.

Soon after fertilization, trout eggs are called “green” and remain opaque for several weeks. Developing eggs then become transparent, and the eye spots and backbone become visible, hence the terms “eyed eggs” or “eyed-up” eggs.

Pre-K student Dylan stayed after hours and gave the trout a warm welcome as they settled into their new home!

Learn more by visiting www.troutintheclassroom.org for lessons and activity ideas, including a trout egg lesson sheet. Also, you can connect via our trout egg Jamboard or send a letter or postcard to: Trout c/o Trailside Museum, 6 Reservation Rd/, Cross River N.Y., 10518.

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