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    Think Tank: Fish are free and community scientists are needed

    This type of Community Science can be fun, help you learn more about different branches of science, and maybe lead to some interesting discoveries! And while TU’s Rivers App can be used to document any water body, there are other ways you engage in Community Science online from climate change data collection and measuring light pollution to observing fireflies. For other fun things to do check out Trout Unlimited's Summer of Science.

    Check out Trout Unlimited's Summer of Science activities The day we look forward to and are sad about at the same time came on May 22 as our New York Trout in the Classroom Think Tank fingerlings were released into their watershed home. The 50 baby trout were carefully given their freedom into the Cross…

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    The amazing trout gender reveal

    The alevin at the trailside museum are looking great! How can we tell the males from the females?

    Also known as sexual dimorphism — luckily no forest fire risk with this reveal The alevin are looking great and we only need about 291 more names. But, "Are they males or females?" asks Elanor the Animal Expert (age 7) from The Bronx. Thanks for the great question, Elanor. While "gender reveal parties" are the…

  • Trout in the classroom

    ‘Frankentrout!’ Are two heads better than one?

    We have a two headed alevin! Check out our virtual trout tank at trailside museum and our unique findings.

    While checking on the alevin at the Trailside Museum Trout Tank, we made a Halloween discovery ... Frankentrout! This two-headed trout is a result of double fertilization, a rare occurrence in nature. As unfertilized trout eggs are exposed to fresh water, the micropyle opens and allows a 60 second window for milt (male genetic material)…

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    The wait is over, as trout eggs arrive at virtual TIC tank

    Trout eggs have arrived at Trailside Museum!

    Our new trout eggs made it safely to the Trailside Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Help us welcome them to the tank! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8aKOaA_D2E&feature=youtu.be Trout eggs need to acclimate to the tank before being poured into their nest basket. Here they will hatch, grow, and develop for the next six weeks. Soon after fertilization, trout…