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    The wait is over, as trout eggs arrive at virtual TIC tank

    Trout eggs have arrived at Trailside Museum!

    Our new trout eggs made it safely to the Trailside Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Help us welcome them to the tank! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8aKOaA_D2E&feature=youtu.be Trout eggs need to acclimate to the tank before being poured into their nest basket. Here they will hatch, grow, and develop for the next six weeks. Soon after fertilization, trout…

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    Salmon and Trout in the Classroom: uncertainty and innovation during the pandemic

    Could S/TIC be a valuable virtual learning tool during the COVID-19 pandemic? Let’s face it: this school year is going to be a huge challenge as teachers, parents, and students prepare for a brave, new semester of strange, new virtual participation. A number of states have announced plans to re-open in-person classes while others are looking at hybrid or all-virtual instruction. As this is…