Video: Five exercises to get you in shape for rowing season

I snuck in my first float of the season two weeks ago. It was a solo affair on a section of the Colorado I know very well. Since then it has proceeded to snow or rain at least every other day in my neck of the woods and really put a damper on boating. I thought it was the season, but Colorado has a way of really tricking us in that regard. I’ve been reminded once again that we’re weeks away from really getting after it consistently.

Then it hit me while working out yesterday, perhaps I should concentrate on some exercises that will help me prepare for not only some big rafting trips I have coming up, but the entire season. Sadly, I think I’ve got a little bit of time …

I asked my friend Kevin Guidi owner of RAKD Fitness in Longmont, Colo., what he’d concentrate on workout wise for all of us rowers, other than a rowing machine. Some of these exercises require gym equipment and some don’t. The video below might help you get ready, too.

Exercises to focus on as rowing season approaches.