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Douglas SKY G a solid fast-action fly rod

Douglas Outdoors

Looking for something special for someone special this Chistmas? Let me suggest this awesome fly rod from our friends at Douglas Outdoors.

The first thing I noticed about this rod was the weight. It’s light, coming in at 2.7 oz. in a 5-weight. That’s not a lot different than plenty of other 5-weights, but you notice it right off. You also notice the action. It’s definitely a fast-action rod. When I rigged it and did a few practice casts with it, it became pretty obvious that this was a rod with some power. But how it loads and how fast it is and all the rest of the technical details were just details for me. I needed to know how it fishes.

The first day I fished it was brutal. The wind was howling at about 30 mph, and the fish were after medium sized leech patterns weighted heavy. It was a chuck-and-duck kind of day. It took me a few casts to get my timing down, but the power — oh, the power — was impressive. This rod can handle big, weighted flies in big wind with no trouble. And once I got used to how deeply into the blank it loads, I found I could make long casts without double-hauling. It is a very powerful rod.

The next time I fished it was completely different. It was warm, and the water was glassy — a rare occurrence in our part of the world. There was a baetis hatch coming off, but the fish were more or less ignoring it, so I rigged a small midge dropper off of the dry fly. Bingo. Again, I found that the SKY G would cast a much lighter rig a long way, but what was more impressive was how tight the loop was and how it helped even a sloppy dry fly caster like me land my fly gently and with precision. Again, I was impressed.

This is a very good rod that can compete with rods that cost more and generate a ton more hype. Again: I. Like. This. Rod. A Lot. Please note that Douglas does not sell direct to customers, so we suggest you check one of their rods out at your local TU Business Member fly shop.


By Walt Gasson.