Spey casting is a growing discipline among fly fishers, even though the method has been employed for centuries. For many of us, though, spey casting is foreign and simply looks incredibly difficult.

The long, two-handed rods appear unwieldy and complex. The graceful, yet foreign, motions of the spey cast don’t feel at all intuitive. Yet, watching fly line shoot halfway across a steelhead river is all the proof we need to understand why anglers have been using the spey cast since before it was called a spey cast.

Above, RIO Products Brand Manager Simon Gawesworth walks us through the double spey cast in very helpful instructional video that provides simple instructions for making a solid cast. It’s foundational—a cast that can be practiced and improved on the water, and, as is usual for Simon, the lesson is delivered perfectly.

Still not spey casting? This video might change your mind.