Atlantic salmon—at least those that swim wild in the ocean and migrate into the rivers and streams of Newfoundland and Labrador—are a bucket-list fish for a lot of fly fishers.

And they should be. They rival any other salmon species when it comes to taking flies and, of course, when it comes to the fight at the end of the line. And, perhaps their best attribute … Atlantic salmon will take flies on top.

In the episode of The New Fly Fisher above, host Colin McKeown tackles the tail-walking Atlantics in the rivers of northern Newfoundland. Not only does this episode offer up total eye candy, McKeown also shares some quality techniques used to chase these fish in waters where weighted flies and weighted lines aren’t allowed.

As a western fly fisher, I’m going to put some of these tips to use chasing steelhead this fall. Check it out and see what you think.