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Chill out and let others enjoy the river, too

I have to chuckle when I see anglers get so bent out of shape when a kayak floats by, or a dog takes a swim within barking distance of where they are fishing. I once watched a friend’s ears literally turn red every time a tuber drifted downstream.

That’s silly for two reasons. First, we all share the water, whether we’re fishing or tubing or whatever. And second—perhaps more importantly for type-As who fish—the fish don’t really care about boats, tubes or even swimming dogs.

I’ve spent many hours scuba diving in rivers just to watch how trout behave. And when they want to eat, they’re going to eat. I once observed a school of trout whacking away at PMDs have a canoe float right over them. How long do you think it took for them to turn back on?

About a minute. 

What does turn the fish off like a light switch? Consistent airborne shadows from overhead, particularly birds. And false casts. 

So relax. Chill out. Let the dog have a ball. And false cast less.