abandoned mines

  • From the field

    Reams Construction helps reclaim mine site in southwest Colorado

    Recently, TU partnered Reams Construction on just this type of project. Reams won a competitive bid for the Atlas Mine and Mill reclamation project outside of Ouray, Colo. This project sits on the edge of a 100-year floodplain on Sneffels Creek where the former Atlas Mill stood years ago

    Editor's note: TU works with some extremely talented characters while developing and completing projects in the field that help make fishing better. We are excited to bring you a series highlighting these Contractors. We hire equipment operators, truck drivers, laborers, material suppliers, engineers, technicians, and water testing labs. They are unique, talented, humble and some are downright wild, but TU’s contractors…

  • From the President

    Recovery through restoration

    Now is the time to double down on our investment in the outdoors. This summer, the President and a bipartisan majority in Congress have coalesced around an old good idea. Namely, that we as a nation ought to be investing in our public lands. Our parks and forests and wilderness areas are a national endowment,…

  • Advocacy

    Bill to fund abandoned mine cleanup moving forward

    A Pennsylvania creek runs orange with mine pollution.

    Much-needed legislation to continue funding abandoned mine cleanup is moving forward in Congress. The House Natural Resources Committee this week approved H.R. 4248 by a voice vote following testimony from lead sponsor Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA).  “H.R. 4248 would ensure that states and tribes can continue addressing challenges presented by historic mining operations,” Chris Wood, President…

  • Conservation

    For the love of the Animas

    By Ty Churchwell No one in Durango nor Silverton, Colo., will ever forget Aug. 5, 2015 — the day of the Gold King mine spill that sent 3 million gallons of ugly, toxic mine water down the Animas River in southwest part of the state. To say the accident was highly visible is an understatement. In today’s digital world, photos of the orange…

  • Government Affairs

    Congressmen rally behind abandoned mine cleanup

    Photo above: Congressman Dan Meuser (white shirt) and Earth Conservancy president/CEO Mike Dziak (speaking) during a tour of an abandoned mine reclamation site in Luzerne County, Pa. Earth Conservancy photo. There are moonscapes outside Wilkes-Barre, Pa.—piles of black culm left behind from coal mining operations before the dawn of regulation four decades ago. A local…

  • Voices from the river

    Out of sight, out of mine?

    An abandoned mine overlooks Lion Creek drainage near Empire, Colorado By Randy Scholfield We are bouncing along in four-wheel drive vehicles, high in the Clear Creek watershed west of Denver, overlooking beautiful forest vistas and steep hillsides laced with snowmelt creeks. We are here with a group of reporters to show them a dark secret…

  • Conservation

    Making the Blue River blue

    [et_pb_section fb_built="1" _builder_version="3.22.6"][et_pb_row _builder_version="3.22.6"][et_pb_column type="4_4" _builder_version="3.22.6"][et_pb_image src="https://www.tu.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Illinois-Gulch_trib-of-blue02.jpg" _builder_version="3.22.6"][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version="3.22.6"][et_pb_column type="2_5" _builder_version="3.22.6"][et_pb_button button_url="https://standup.tu.org/good-samaritan-legislation/" url_new_window="on" button_text="Stand up for Good Sam" _builder_version="3.22.6"][/et_pb_button][et_pb_blurb title="Editor's note:" image="https://www.tu.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/JD4_1428.jpg" _builder_version="3.22.6"]Trout Unlimited staff have been working in the upper portion of Illinois Gulch since 2013 in partnership with other Federal, State, and local entities to address contamination from smaller abandoned hard-rock mine sites. …